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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  December 20, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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is this. it's just it's manufacturing factory opens up industrial park the production is new for the entire serious pace the factory is a joint project of the leading turkish defense industry may be factored in the context of continuing national company the model special purpose devices will be produced at the factory including night vision devices electronic circuit boards used to for machines and many other products. the specialist promise to start producing red lenses and years time
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what a badass all this has happened things for president we studied at the top world universities and have an opportunity to apply our knowledge in our country over to get the keys on a button was in the industrial park was established in cost about six years ago. forty nine projects are being implemented year the president visited the industrial park to see him and opportunities and the prospects offered by the free economic zone the factors mean if action wall panels industrial glass transformer sub stations in furniture will be built this year. although i missed the point of annual output will be about seven fifteen to maintain diva two thousand seventeen over eight thousand new jobs will be created. tax revenues to this the treachery were increased by seventy going to get the job. another the president visited the factory. the factory will produce and process twenty five tonnes of copper gold and fifty tonnes of silver it is the sixth actor in the one which will be making gold guitars and silver their homes according to developers
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of the industrial project the corps will soon replace banknotes. the local experts say that to the precious metals in the form of boycotts will be produced in austin a bold plan to operate at full power from december twenty is planned at the head of the state will start the campaign of watching the stream products across the country the ministry of labour and social protection of the population tends to improve employment roadmap twenty twenty. this was announced today the government meeting by the head of the ministry the employment map will be integrated with other states' industrial specific programs taught in schools also be implemented in personnel retraining will be focused on practical skills and abilities. in addition much attention will be paid to supporting villages with a production will be developed said come on to seal the minister also said the reform will affect the financing of the program will be located depending on the capacity of a particular region or in proportion to the population. eighty percent of the located funds will be distributed according to this principle in the remaining twenty percent will be distributing depending on the performance
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in general according to some of the serum a one hundred and thirty thousand people received permanent jobs under the employment road map program in about thirteen thousand people started their own business. in total thirty five billion cu were located for michael credits over the period of the program publication seventeen thousand people mostly villagers received a loan to cover the prime minister pointed out some shortcomings in the implementation of the program. many people are still unaware of the opportunities the robot gets because of the lack of full of detailed explanations first of all manners of the streets in cities are responsible for this attitude that people use it yet education media ltd which has been there a number of problematic issues which are common to all regions in the to be addressed one of them is the lack of explanatory work because of which many of those for whom the program has been created where the opportunities given to those who have been re train also face a lot of problems in getting a job taking into account the commission's given by the president we should ensure the effectiveness of the work i will bring into focus once again we will keep
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this issue under special control. that is why coalition of democratic forces can extend two thousand fifty s howdy meeting in boston on the agenda included such issues as whether to extend the deal on trade unions what would change with the adoption of this document by the parliament and what its strengths and weaknesses on the job on trade unions was developed by the ministry of labour and social protection of the population for two years there has been recently submitted to the budget was for consideration. he recommends the use of the activities of trade unions affect the interest of many cars its citizens therefore we are bringing this social issue to broader discussion of the coalition is the main island platform of the country and all interested parties have the opportunity to voice their opinions and make comments on the draft law also give recommendations and suggestions he and i think it was an expert in the law on trade unions had to be adopted long ago. the current law was passed twenty years ago. she would get first although the organization which would protect the interest of workers
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taking advantage of its majority in influence on society. i think that today when a person or a simple work that cannot be heard by the media by the people by the society and we should change the situation. i think that the most important political role of the new draft law as the association of trade unions in the creation of a good strong partner for the state the principles of solid formation need to be changed also the perfection of labor disputes in tough responsibility of the parties for a rousing them should be introduced during the discussion the attendees expressed their suggestions and comments to the draft law which would then be passed to the parliament and then to the government. this is especially topple ahead of the best realization day when the result of excel or even investor in innovative program over the year will be summed up this summer the coalition discussed the reform of the local self government as a result the government introduced a package of recommendations six months passed and these proposals are really working contributing to the success of the first phase of reforms the result of the foreign ministry activities over
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the year were presented by the head of the ministry he let the soap at a meeting with journalists signing of the new treaty on good neighbor lynn this and cooperation by the president of kazakhstan and russia was the most important event for the development of russian relations. a trust based dialogue was established that the new president teaching being the leaders of kazakhstan and china met twice in central asia kazakhstan foreign policy is focused on ensuring regional security and enhancing economic cooperation by letter relations with the usa or become system of ties as a part of the strategic partnership with the country a new cooperation mechanism was launched in moscow in july of this year the commission for scientific and technological cooperation deal on the summer minded that previously the commissions on strategic and energy cooperation had been created this well this year washington has asked and i agreed only to issue visas for five year terms the european union remains a major trade and investment partner of kazakhstan agreement on strategic partnership with france spain and italy was signed as well this year the european commission president jose
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manuel barroso in the british prime minister david cameron became the first official visits to our country a joint statement a strategic partnership was adopted and commercial documents about it more than one billion dollars was signed at the end of the british prime minister's visit in two thousand thirteen the republican eat much attention to the development of new areas of its foreign policy such as relations with african and latin american countries the visa free regime was established with brazil ecuador and colombia. this year context and was granted observer status in the african union. this will help to promote political and economic interests of pasta on the cob. what is kicking you know what works best but still best. just a few weeks ago the president signed the decree of opening our embassy in the south african republic. next year will open an embassy in ethiopia south africa was chosen because of its economic and political significance. it is a member of the g twenty and bricks ethiopia is of interest because it is not only growing regional power but also political capital of africa as it is known the headquarters of the african union which includes all fifty four
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african states is located in the end of this obama was put up the task was to use a chicken when it suits you the piece which gop caucus with us. cree language courses were no available for all cars extend citizens that we don't need to be that s o y l e that cheesy website was launched offering free cars and language lessons. many linguists teachers in the film all just work on this project which was initiated by the state language development fund currently the website has lessons for beginners educational material includes speaking reading listening reading and useful tips actions. also the website offers standard phrases different situation of dialogues audio and video materials grammar materials dictionaries and passed the authors of the project comes to develop the mono version for cell phones yet one of the three thousand users registered on her site already. we hope that the sponsors with supporters next year and we would develop twenty lessons for intermediate level students
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being chased and i stayed up for a technician at that. i was an eye. it is not only country where people in concert. people in germany also take an interest in the lane which the cuddling which center was opened three years ago in berlin on the initiative of the embassy of concerts in germany in the german academic exchange service. the idea was in the air since the establishment of the present german diplomatic relations. learning more about the political and economic achievements of context and the germans became interested in learning the language as well the students have attended our course over three years among them are students or university's department of language history biography and regional studies as well as ethnic germans from comics them. they're also those who take an accelerated course for scientific work but they'll become the kind of conduct of language and culture in europe. the number of those wishing to learn the language is increasing
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everyday. to extend help the students learn more. me and said i'm a geographer and not for this summer i learned some more about extend this to him on the road university i made a lot of friends and watching the play football went to the mountains and also we went to coach a guy in jenin. now i needed to understand morning concert is planned to open similar language centers in other german cities as well the creative team of the trilogy the path of a leader visited pentagon that the mining region was the first region visited by the actors there's a reason behind this. the main part of the filming took place here the showing of the film was attended by the president of cars until you make him one shy of a director of the trilogy rest of the russian people's artist of context and who's a month into my if i did a lot of them john of and other actors the pleasant surprise awaited the creative team in the lobby. the artists of comment on the musical comedy theater from beneath the actual exhibition for the visitors which took them back to the nineteen sixties and here. but we're leading
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the team of the great film the path of a leader with a please do this happen again pentagon that we artists too it is great that the team came here. religion that this kinda thing. we're in trees and you me this this way you appreciate our work hard in our cinema. this film. of course means a lot for me it is not easy to play the president at the same time it is a great honor for me. the reviews of their good and positive way to the left of the event was intimidated to push its use the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. according to the kazakhstan for a study carried out that it equates to the ministry of labour in social security of kazakhstan in the next three years
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because it's not labor market weakness rapid growth and by twenty seventeen the number of economically active population who have reached one point five million people for campfires senate to begin in twenty thirteen the number of economically and before the elation of the reach eight point five million people the largest employment growth will be seen in astana and by twenty seventeen people have reached one hundred and seven thousand people and the low was standing at two point seven thousand people by twenty seventeen will be registered in kazakhstan region. i was from matt cameron has been developing stately we can see that given the recent eighteen years of economic growth rates remained stable and the country creates all conditions for the attraction of investments. an establishment the favorable environment for investors all scores the situation results and the need for staff. i insist on the report is that the medieval world grow some
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regions including the cost of nine north kazakhstan and the sussex town regions will witness the decrease or slight increase in the number of economically active population. because of the trough and the number of population experts also expected to fall and the proportion of people including minute i'm chewing transport and storage as well as the sake of wholesale and retail trade. the most significant increase in the proportion of employees is expected in the financial and insurance sectors information and communications traditionally been with the good month for special needs an extract of industries. the increasing demand for paris on ellie's first of all connected with the growing economy of kazakhstan in connection with the astonishment of the customs union in twenty thirteen kazakhstan smart kid to welcome a number of european companies in addition companies opened a representative offices in kazakhstan which are mainly dealing with the sales of equipment and services they
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extracted the industry also remains active. cause i work with the oil and gas sector of kazakhstan stuart has one of the company over to rules and the kazakhstan economy and its team suffers from the lack of an equally fine staff. as you can see the oil and gas sector employs the local foreign workers from western countries. wolf was great to have experienced of the game while workin it on their deposits worldwide there is a great difference between the unique experience and experience they bring for her role was we have with the lack of technical assistance and a genius. this was new. but what does this according to special lease of the fce's executive search in goals and twenty thirteen the market experienced an increase in the number of jobs in almost all sectors of the colony in this segment of senior management. however experts noted that the image of
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the more the rink asic's on seo is different from what it was three to five years ago presently employees are focused on the successful results of a competitive market. consistency and ability to maintain a high pace of development projects in the situation of cost reduction. there is still in high concentration of specialists from cis states and western countries. i fear into our bc pills are you a chemical called case it has report says that according to the report of the us start the routine statistical agency in december twenty thirteen consumer goods in the eurozone increased by zero point nine percent in annual rate the report states that the police and the prices of electricity adults of business are referred to as the main locomotives of these increased to zero point two three per cent decrease in fuel prices and zero point one four percent decrease in the prices of telecommunication services
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broadening of the dynamics of consumer goods. in october twenty oh two the inflation was estimated at zero point seven percent of an annual rate and the november twenty seventeen. inflation reached two point two percent into my meal breaks. in twenty countries of the year with teens on the november inflation great soulful one percent to ninety lb rates in november consumer prices fell by zero point one percent compared with six tilda
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the air. aye aye aye. ben in this. it is. . i do. they
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ay ay ay ay ay ay. i do. shy the heat. are you. speeches the day. each. i asked. scene
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of a stasi to mission is to hamas was almost thirty years you have is this time she has found out about the traditions and culture of almost all the arab countries to the smallest detail justice will be a good guy and he just puts me in a separate myself from my husband slide. i think that as we are together he selected occupation in line as well. what seventies engaged in acts were asked to keep it as a team in receiving a tip to me. watch it. which is to construct a consenting now if unlocking new chance to. it doesn't matter what countries were deemed too. i must look into the likeness to vote and to have been put into full and rich countries. we stopped in at the end of that to say is that the onsen you got countries each country has an interesting positive and negative aspects. everything depends on your impression
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about certain country and how un cool in the country tonight whether you are not as interesting or not depends on the go. eu. so most of them was as if to say his prayers is no need to use the taste of the school has a strong will and transmits the love of life to other people. by jan taken of wife of an advisor to the message explains. brody had no connection to the mountains and part of a sudden another set of half comedies end of next year each other in one book of knots. it's gradually this routine it's all due to the not too bad even if sometimes destructive system she said agents he or she thinks that her husband's luck on all the separate them and tt's is the same. new traditions and cartoons for the native kazakhstan and some photos as well. life is interesting. we don't just live with our husbands like this and it's wednesday the two most engaged in
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something. in particular has been the custom made to you can you think that garbage is picked from the contest my good chunk of the month says that it is better to find out about the traditions of the country where you're going to bed before the arrival. it is a sign of respect and it bases for reciprocal interest. when you're well aware what was up only of. we were in the west coast astonishing not the best as you first you use asks my arrival the lead up to twenty haitian ambassador is wise to offer to hold a fashion show. easton loves his wife prepared a number of costumes and mudslides and buy tp to help them to put on a national costumes which they displayed in an odd couple. the mark of a forest
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walk. he used to be congratulated as you might say and that someone they can still live in them but from what you did was to delete a costume with us for probably gets that if the stock demonstrating the shot too which is a bright note the use of considerable assistance so that we should get the traditions that way then don't go to the same way as time and everywhere we liked it. will use it in mops this entry is mostly she's the wife says tell the snow to see important contacts at the front and the groom. well of the scheduled visit a couple with a stitch it up a team of conference you can hum it's not the invite says that ramadan a time until dates that much at the va to take part in women's conference the impact of the weather nice to me in the premier down the slide up. this is just a get together with them we get to wear jeans to
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twenty to twenty minus twenty women and men then off to get it during a wedding and of course remains to be with us then just to check the slide with prep work which in the history in which he yet to watching it you can. many goals as they cover the bases not to seize its eye and says professes announce them she did not rush it was fun the heat. kazakhstan is more than seventy four emissions in the whole load into the modification steps. i stopped they stood almost one hundred and forty countries every year the number of kazakhstan simpsons increase the number of women who represent them and on to quote gratitude. you are doing . i'm signing of a hike
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in with another edition of destination was the be all the time ago that in our refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in theory must be ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one morning when i order sushi. i'm here with brian as a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi are added to that looked different. her defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori there is also searching the woods is pretty much just lays there is between slice of a number of ways. i then there's
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the year with his eyes as he slid over to us. now it's all wrong or is this. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet. there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear voices heard in her heart was boiled with smoked salmon. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like surprise surprise a lot of us start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit it's literal in jeopardy as they prepare their case would it be it's uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation. they put on race and he was in the fist of fun in and out. to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the race was discarded and run away and eventually insert i've been adding vinegar to it not been kind of life added to the taste of everything they did so. that was the devil's tool and
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the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you big street food in me. it was nice to garnish it with the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of time. good good kick to it which is a very refreshing since then we have pickled with this as acts as a helpless. what about the sushi that looks like just a place with a piece of fish on top one is that all that is called the eerie calm i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who suffers. you laid across. molded into bed sheet. we all know what you don't purport sales associate and eva is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living. in a lot of fun and they can. and that is the new any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on
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behalf of their stuff. see when we meet in assessing its three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me the states to pull things out of the consoling this aisle. a song like they are i was. rainfall and so it's to be a lot of fun. so you actually get down to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. most of what he did a mix between now and that's the kind of how evelyn so that i forgive them for one suspect was the main and only ways that have entered actually. so there's some great legs and property
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into a kind of yourself. they tell you the covers three hours from well outside the bar. read the books did not put a lot. when you use issues in one bite and when you read here. your soy sauce based site down. also a no no don't mix with some of the game or soy sauce. that you know what you're eating really tasty. next time our destination busy that i'm sucking in my car the route and. in one. you knew long
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ruling will. sydney news bulletin today. it's the least party delegates and is gone. it broadens its fisheries industry the book take a look at how edition copyright issues a


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